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Here are some writings and video about Restorative Circles. We hope they support you in reflecting on and sharing the process, its development and some of its underlying dynamics.

The information and quotes in these articles and video are the responsibility of their writers and do not always correspond to our opinions. Please check with us if you have any doubts.


This recent interview with Dominic Barter looks at one of the most important frontiers of Restorative Justice research and practice over the next 10 years - how work such as Restorative Circles is responding to ecocide 

"Earth Restorative Justice - Restorative approaches to ecological harms"

The Rochester, NY, weekly 'The City' published this extensive article on restorative approaches and the contribution that Restorative Circles are making locally.

"Rochester's Underground Justice System"


Blogger and restorative practitioner John Lash wrote about his experience with a live Restorative Circle during the Facilitation and System Practice event in Rochester, and then about the role of restorative systems in RC.

"Restorative Circles and the Heart of Justice"

"Embracing the feedback of conflicts"


The NESTA report, 'Radical Efficiency', features 10 social innovation case studies chosen by the UK's National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts for their high effectiveness and low cost. Restorative Circles are one of the ten.

See pages 1 - 4, 8, 19 and the case study itself on pages 41 - 43


Psychology Today contributing bloggers Mikhail Lyubansky and Elaine Shpungin have posted two views on aspects of RC related to justice and conflict.

"Our Justice System Requires Us To Punish Wrongdoers. Is There A Better Way?"

"The Most Important Thing To Know About Conflict"


MediaGlobal works to bring news from the 'global south' into mainstream media and the UN. Molly Slothower wrote this article on Dominic's work in drug-gang controlled areas of Brazilian cities.

"Restorative circles open dialogue and healing between Brazilian institutions and gangs"

The International Institute of Restorative Practices' Josh Wachtel wrote this piece on the RC experience in Brazil: 

"Towards Peace and Justice in Brazil: Dominic Barter and Restorative Circles"


The Comunidad Segura site features 'ideas and practices in Human Security'. They visited Brazilian schools using RC.

"'21st Century Justice' at a local Brazilian school"


The Santa Cruz paper 'Good Times' produced an article on the local use of Restorative Justice, illustrating some of the uses to which RCs are being put in that community.

"The art of sharing power and responsibility to create community"


The 'Daily Record' paper in western New York state covered the Restorative Rochester events bringing RCs to the city.

"Violence begets more violence"


Here are some subtitled Brazilian TV clips on Restorative Circles.



Brazilian national TV evening news on Restorative Circles in schools


Candidates on Brazilian Presidential debate discuss Restorative Circles as effective response to youth drug crimes

'Malhação' is the most watched teen soap opera on national TV

In this clip, a school principle informs a student and his mother that, rather than take punitive measures in response to the student's acts, he will do "what the judge in Porto Alegre does" and convene a Restorative Circle. The relevant section begins at 2.52 (In Portuguese)


*** The information and quotes in these articles and videos are the responsibility of the writers and do not always correspond to our opinions. Please check with us if you have any doubts.***