The spread and development of Restorative Circles is also the story of the power of community to sustain and finance effective, inclusive social change.

Financial Coresponsibility arose as a sister dialogical social system to Restorative Circles, coming out of the same social context of the Rio favelas and adapting to the new environments in which RC moved. Giving the work away in this way ensures Restorative Circles can be learnt regardless of access to financial resources. It also invites those who wish to both receive and offer gifts that sustain our ability to keep taking the work where it is needed.

Restorative Circles now have a unique bank account for contributions, which allows us easy and speedy access to the resources we use to care for projects in Brazil and around the world.

The team offering this work with Dominic, and many of his projects, are entirely sustained by such donations.

You may also donate via PayPal. Please indicate funds in US dollars, Pounds Sterling or Euros. To do so now, please use the link below:

Contributions to the bank account can be made in Euros, US dollars or UK pounds. Details are below. Please write to contatodominic (followed by the @ sign) if you make a transfer, have any questions or if you would like a confirmation of your contribution.

If you prefer, you can also support our work by making a contribution to the CNVC Restorative Justice project, coordinated by Dominic Barter. For US citizens, this is tax deductible.

To make a contribution to the CNVC RJ Project, please send a check or money order in US currency payable to “CNVC”. Please include "RJ Project" in the memo (this is important, it lets CNVC know to how to allocate the funds).


5901 Wyoming Blvd NE, Ste J-277

Albuquerque, NM 87109-3838


CNVC is a US nonprofit, i.e., a 501c3.

Receiving funds donated through CNVC is a lengthier and more costly process for us than through the UK account. However, all contributions are very gratefully received.


IMPORTANT: If you choose to make a contribution, whether by bank transfer or deposit, by check or by paypal, please let us know by e-mail at contatodominic (at) so that we can celebrate and match our records to our bank account or CNVC's.