Contact and community


We value the flow of learning with the growing Restorative Circle community. We'd love it if we all lived on the same street and you could just drop by when you wanted to. In the meantime, here are some ways to connect to us:


If you are new to RC:

We post brief, easily readable updates, links, stories and comments on Twitter. These cover many aspects of Restorative Circles, as well as information on Restorative Justice research and restorative practices in general. Follow us at @RestoraCircles or read the thread anytime, without signing up, at

Less frequent, more wordy updates are also posted on Facebook, here:

We have 4 Facebook groups, as a space to interact with others investigating the work. The 1st of these - RC Facebook group - is for sharing and learning between those applying the work, and those interested in such work:

As many people are inspired by Restorative Circles to develop their own approaches, perhaps using elements of RC, mixing them with other understandings, or experimenting with them without building a restorative system, we have a 2nd group for people working with derivations of RC:

For members of either of these groups there are also a a space for conflicts that may arise within either group, and a space for governance issues around the groups and their moderation. 


If you are seeking deeper ongoing learning on the principles and practice of RC:

Over time, and through persistent investigation, some come to seek the specific environment of an apprentice learning relationship with this work. There they can further deepen their practical and theoretical understanding of both the practice and the principles of RC, in the company of similarly focused colleagues and those with greater field experience.

If you believe your work with RC has reached the stage in which such a commitment would be valuable, please sign up here: 


We aim to live in alignment with the principles underlying this work. This means, in part, that we engage actively with our immediate communities and partners in the varied activities stemming from this choice. One of the consequences of this is that we may, at certain times, devote limited time to responding to individual e-mails. However, for questions not covered on this site, or through the above channels, e-mails can be sent to and will be answered in the order in which they arrive, as soon as time allows.

We look forward to learning with you!