The following audio recordings feature presentations of, and about, Restorative Circles for the general public.

Shift Network 'Summer of Peace 2013' / Restorative Justice on the Rise telecall

A conversation with Sissi Mazzetti and Dominic Barter, hosted by Molly Rowan Leach, about Restorative Circles in both institutional  and community contexts. October 2013.

Shift Network 'Summer of Peace 2012' Justice Week telecall

In this hour long conversation Dominic Barter talks about restorative systems, some of the principles behind them and the way they have developed in Brazil and around the world, creating the context for Restorative Circles and other practices. July 2012.

A transcript of this talk is also available here:


'Restorative Justice and Social Healing in the US and beyond' telecouncil

Molly Rowan Leach hosts this hour-long conversation with Dominic Barter, presenting Restorative Circles, their origin, application and powerfully transformative underlying dynamics. March 2012.


US National Public Radio interview

In this October 2011 interview Dominic Barter was asked about his work in Brazil and beyond with Restorative Circles by WILL Illinois radio host David Inge.

BBC radio

These two brief BBC radio broadcasts present an excellent introduction to Restorative Justice and its proven benefits.

In theory:

and in practice: